You get so much more: 25% more propane with Tank Taxi .  
20 LBS fill level instead of 15 LBS like most other exchange companies and big box stores.  

We offer the following services:

  • Bottled Gases Exchange Delivery Service: (see below for service areas and how it works)
  • Bottled Gases Service for Grilling, Aviation, Welding, Brewery, Winery, Soda Bar, Food Packaging & Parties, etc.
  • Patio Heaters for Commercial and Residential rental (restaurant patios, patio-parties, weddings etc.)
  • Construction Heaters
  • Tent Heaters
  • $5 Daily Equipment Rentals for the following equipment: with 30+ days prepaid. 
  • Patio Heater
  • Gas Fire Pit

How does a propane tank exchange delivery work?
Easy! If you can shop online, you can order a tank exchange. 
  1. Hover your mouse arrow over the "Shop" menu at the top of this site, select "Propane".  (On a smartphone, first tap the menu box which has 3 grey lines in it, located at the top right corner of the page.) Then simply select your desired tank size on the Propane Tank Exchanges page (for example a 20 LB tank is a typical BBQ tank). 
  2. Complete your secure online purchase by following the instructions through the check out process. (If you have specific instructions such as door codes etc, drop us a line using the "Contact Us" link above)
  3. Leave your empty tank at your front door (or other safe, accessible location) for our delivery driver to swap with a freshly filled tank. 
  4. Come home after work and heat up the BBQ for some of your famous grilled steak/burgers/hot dogs/brats/veggies and actually NOT run out of propane right in the middle of it because you forgot to get the tank filled! Relax and enjoy!
What if I don't own a propane tank?
  1. On the "Shop" menu at the top of the page, select "Tank / Bottle Deposit", select which tank you want, a 20LB propane tank is usually used for BBQ. (On a smartphone first tap the menu box which has 3 grey lines in it, located on the top right corner of the page.)
  2. Then, select "Propane"  from the "Shop" menu and add the matching tank exchange (in this case, a 20LB propane tank exchange) to ensure your bottle comes filled with propane. 
  3. Follow the checkout instructions and you're golden! If you need to provide instructions on where to leave the tank or door codes for access, use the "Contact Us" link at the top of the page. Be sure to include the same name and phone number provided during check out so we can match the instructions to your order.

Propane Tank Exchange Delivery to Most Cities within the following Counties and areas:
(Call or e-mail us to verify delivery availability to your specific city.)

Washington D.C.
Northern Virginia

Baltimore County MD